Children's Hospital Colorado March 2018

  1. Hello! Has anyone heard from Children's Hospital Colorado about their March 2018 New Grad program?
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  3. by   LaurenKBSN
    Hi! I just received an email today asking if I was still interested in the NICU residency program. It was not a direct invitation for an interview but it did say that they are trying to get everything organized to conduct interviews soon! Hopefully this helps! This is all I have heard from Colorado so far, haven't received any phone calls yet.

    What units did you apply for?
  4. by   pedsnurse10
    That's good to hear! Congrats I applied to the medical and pulmonary floor. I was a little confused though because they never sent me a confirmation email saying that they received my app but the website says I completed it?
  5. by   LaurenKBSN
    Thank you! Mine still says "submitted" as well, so don't stress! I do not have any status changes on my account. From what I have read in other threads, CHC is slow to changing the application status (if they change it at all). It also seems that they take quite some time to get back to us about interviews, etc. so just be as patient as you can I did not receive a confirmation email either, it just says "submitted" online. Just stay tuned for any additional emails from the department you are interested in as well as any phone calls!

    I applied to general medical, PICU, and NICU and so far, NICU is the only thing I have heard anything from.

    Are you from Colorado or another state?
  6. by   pedsnurse10
    Oh good to know! Thanks for sharing. I'm actually from California, so I don't really know too much about the hospital other than what I've researched. Are you from Colorado?
  7. by   Lomanzie15
    I sit got an interview today for Colorado Springs the PICU & med surg!
  8. by   pedsnurse10
    Congratulations and good luck, Lomanzie15! When is the interview?
  9. by   Lomanzie15
    My interview is Jan 23rd.
  10. by   KKRM30
    Congrats!!! Are you from Colorado? Have you heard anything about the interview? I will also be flying in to interview but on the 24th!
  11. by   KKRM30
    Has anyone heard anything from the Denver location?
  12. by   LaurenKBSN
    Hi friends!

    As of 12/15, I have gotten a call to interview for both NICU and med-surg at the Colorado Springs location. These are the only two units I have heard from thus far. Congrats to everyone who has gotten an interview!

    I am from California as well but I went to nursing school in Arizona. I am flying in to Colorado on the 22nd/or 23rd. If anyone wants to split fare from the Denver airport, I am more than happy to! My interviews are on the 23rd/24th!
  13. by   LaurenKBSN
    Also, in regards to KKRM30's question about the interview, the med-surg and NICU managers explained to me that it will be a small panel of staff interviewing us. Dress is business professional and there will be a critical thinking-case study scenario that is done by all the units (it is the same scenario for all units as well!). We also may receive a tour of the prospective units and some units may offer 3-hour shadowing opportunities as well!

    Hopefully this helps!
  14. by   KKRM30
    Hi everyone! Was just wondering if anyone heard anything, whether it be good or bad, from the Denver location?!