California RN wanting to get Texas Licnese Help please.

  1. I am a new graduate nurse in california, but i am trying to get a license in texas. I am a little bit confused on what i need to do. I looked at the texas website and it talks about compact states and having to take another text called nursing jurisprudence. Do i have to take that test and if i do get a license in texas do i have to give up my california license? please help thank you.
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  3. by   Kora0880
    I am going through the process right now..let me tell you it is a major ain in the behind! First apply for temporary license in TX on their website and pay the due. Once you get it, and it should be quick, they will set you up for the jurispudence test. It is online and the cost of it is covered by the $200.00 you pay for the license. It is rather basic and at the end you can print out the cert and send it to them...along with FBI finger printed card ($10.00). Very important.....once you get your temporary license it is good for 120 days....within those days you need to print of the TX web page License Verification document, fill it out and send it to CA with $60.00 The process takes up to 6 wks....long time.....then afterwards it takes up to 10 days for TX to issue permanent license....

    Im still waiting on CA the meantime I cannot work here in TX on my CA license...I learned the hard way.....noone will hire you until you got your TX license...and what really makes me upset.....why is there such a thing as electronic verification for licenses? (even TX verifies licenses online exclusively!) can do it via CA online as well, then why have you pay additional money and wait 6wks, if instead your name can be punched in and in a second everything can be verified.....easy enough! But no, I guess that woud make too much sense..........Im bitter about the whole thing b/c in the meantime i am supposed to do grass and camp out?

    Best of luck. hope your process goes smoother than mine (did I mention multiple errors TX made with my paperwork..insisting I have multipe licenses from states I never even been to...crazy!)

  4. by   uglykitty1
    evryone here in texas has to take that test....but it is so easy you dont even need the nurse practice act book. they are even making LVN taking. But if you are in compact state you should only have to have endorsement.
  5. by   JessV
    Thank you for your help. I just sent my application online and i am still waiting on the finger print card. Do you know by any chance any hospitals in san antonio that are accepting new graduate nurses?
  6. by   Kora0880

    Best luck