Applying to jobs outside your RN state of licensure

  1. Hey I'm a new grad RN in CT and I'm not having much luck looking for jobs here and I'm interested in applying for other states. However, I know that the job market isnt too great anywhere really and can not afford to pay for licenses in other states without the promise of a job. How does it work applying to jobs in other states? I want to apply to residency programs in NC and Cali and appied in a home care facility my friend works at in Mass but are places just going to look over my application without the right state license? I know it says its required for application... obviously I'd be more than willing to get a license in a different state if I were anyone have any knowledge on this?! Thanks : )
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  3. by   LindseyRN86

    I had applied in another state. When I went to the interview they had asked if I had my license there or had started the process and I explained that no I didn't have a license in their state but I had the paperwork and it could easily be accomplished if I were offered the job. I was offered the job and haven't looked back since
  4. by   andywolfe
    Good luck applying for an RN residency program in California. They get around 600-800 applications for 15-20 New Grad RN residency positions.
  5. by   Tree5981
    I know that some states I looked into offer a temporary license and its cheaper.
  6. by   nurseladybug12
    I just moved from CT 4 weeks ago to FL. Hospitals did not take my application seriously because I was not licensed and because I was still in CT when I was applying. When I finally was living and licensed in FL I got an interview and a job. Endorsing a license to another state could take 30+days and if they are posting jobs they are going to fill them very quickly. If you were licensed in the state you were applying to without living there yet, it would appear that you are serious about getting employed in that state and more likely to actually relocate there. And they could always give you money to relocate. You could always say in your CV that you are licensed and willing to or ready to relocate in order to pursue your career.