Applying for NCLEX.. I need help because I'm confused

  1. My school didn't give us a step by step to follow and now I am LOST! I sent in my fee for the NCLEX Exam Registration with Pearson VUE and that's good for 365 days.
    Now, I downloaded the application for licensure for my state and they require me to take a 2 hour medical error course (which I have to find info on that too and take it)

    But then, I was told I have to pay an additional fee and send in another form to take the NCLEX exam.. ok what is going on????:uhoh21:

    Is applying for licensure the same as applying to take the NCLEX since that is what allows you to become licensed or is that something different?

    After I take the exam should I send in the application for licensure? My brain is about to explode. What were the steps YOU did to get your license.. apparently you did it correctly!
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  3. by   jwingo
    I made the same mistake you are making and it costed me 3 extra months of waiting to take the darn test and I still can't pass it. I live in MI and you have to apply to the state you live in and to Pearson. There is a processing time for both and a fee. Get ahold of your state nursing board and they can help you with the application. I would also hope your nursing school would too but they didn't help me.

    Good luck and keep studying while you are waiting.

  4. by   live_crow
    Taking the NCLEX is one part of the licensure process. Steps are:

    1. Do the required course (call the board and ask if you can do it online, you often can)
    2. Apply for licensure to your state board (and pay fee)
    3. Register for Pearson Vue (and pay fee)
    4. State advises Pearson that you are eligible to take the exam
    5. Pearson issues you an ATT
    6. Take and pass NCLEX
    7. Receive license