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Hi everyone! I am a nursing student in my last 6 weeks of school, and am looking for places to start applying for jobs. How likely is it that I can get a non-hospital job and what types does anyone... Read More

  1. by   Diaper
    [quote=joswald;2123229]I am involved with a marketing a promotion business on the side with my fiance and we are really doing fine with that, and I love doing that. "

    You know what, it sounds like you enjoy marketing a product. Why don't you go and pursue a career in medical sales team/pharmaceutical rep. The critieria for that is some medical knowledge and some kinds of certificate (But I think they'll give you some trainings). Since you have some nursing knowledge and you worked as a pharm. tech, it ties in nicely with the position.

    Few months ago, I went to a dinner sponsored by the pharm. rep, the event's great ! I love how the pharm.reps dressed up 'glamorously' and how they educated the healthcare workers about their products. (No worries, I didn't get brainwashed by them).

    Anyway, it hope it helps
  2. by   Kristenloren
    I am in literally the exact same boat as all of you were. I see that your posts were from 2-6 years ago. I graduated with my BSN in nursing and I am now a licensed RN. However, working in a hospital is not my passion and I will not be happy doing this. I was wondering, what types of jobs did you guys end up working at in non-hospital settings? As of now, I'm thinking of working as an RN for an insurance company. But what did you guys end up doing? And do you have any suggestions of types of jobs that I can work at as an RN who doesn't want to work in a hospital setting? Please let me know! Thank you