Any New Grads at BIDMC?

  1. [font="verdana"]why hello all,

    just curious if anyone is working at beth israel deaconess medical center in boston. i am a new grad who finally settled on this hospital after 4 months of what feels like 1000 other interviews and offers.:trout:

    the reputation of the hospital is top notch, the pay is on the higher side for a new nurse, and my nurse manager is awesome! i hope to have a solid orientation and really get some skills down on this acute medical floor..

    let me know what you experienced here..:spin:

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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey RNurse143. I currently work at BIDMC- started as a new grad...almost one year in November! I work on the vascular surgery floor and so far I'm learning a lot. Most of the nurses I work with are really nice and are really helpful. My experience has been ok. I work permanent nights- I did day/night rotation for about 6 months then switched over to full time nights. The floor itself is very very fast paced but most of the time we help each other out. Of course, staffing is always an issue on my floor. Overall I do like the hospital- its reputation is top notch. Hope you like your floor!