After ATT, how soon??

  1. For all of you lucky 'already graduated' (last final tomorrow - should be studying! ), how soon after getting your ATT were you able to sit for your exam? We don't graduate until the first week in June and were told we'd probably get our ATT in 1-2 weeks after that. Once you have your ATT, how soon have you been able to schedule a test?? I know that it used to be hard to get an appointment, but haven't heard if this is true now that Pearson is administrating the exams... Any experience will be VERY appreciated, since I'm hoping to take the darned test before I leave for a week-long vacation at the beginning of July....


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  3. by   RNMedicFL
    I received my ATT via email this past Thursday. I called Pearson on Friday and scheduled my test for this Saturday. I imagine I could have scheduled even sooner, but I wasn't ready for that! Anyway, I'll cross my fingers for you if you'll cross yours for me! I can't believe I scheduled it that soon...but they say the sooner you take it after school, the better. Hope this helps!
  4. by   rainbows4me
    Good luck! Let me know how it goes! I have my last final this AM. Can't wait until it's over. Can't wait to get on with reviewing for the NCLEX and taking that final 'little quiz' as it's affectionately known...

    Crossing my fingers... and toes