Advice for New Nurse Working PCU Night Shift?

  1. hi everyone!

    i am hoping to get lots of advice regarding the various aspects of this matter!
    i am a new nurse .... just recently received my rn license. i was offered a position at a hospital and will be starting orientation next week for a full time, night shift position on a progressive care unit. night shift will be something new to me as is being an rn too!
    i didn't want to be too specific with my question because i am hoping for all sorts of advice, not limited to what is listed. hoping for advice regarding starting out, best utilizing my orientation process, how to excel in this profession and more specifically on this type of unit, deeply understanding telemetry, keeping organized, designing a very useful report sheet, getting used to working night shift, adjusting to a rotating schedule, thorough documentation and 24 chart checks, what most felt like when first starting out and "i wish i would have known this about this when first starting out to make things go more smoothly/ seem easier" or the learning this first would have helped me to better understand this later"

    thank you to all who are taking the time out to read my thread and respond with advice. it is very much appreciated and will certainly be put to good use.

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