About to start accelerated BSN program..

  1. I was recently referred to this site from a friend of mine and am set to start an accerlerated BSN program next fall. I have two young children (3 and 5) at home, but have always wanted to work with people in a clinical setting. I believe nursing offers wonderful opportunities and flexibility, however hearing many nurses talk, I am not sure I am making the right decision. My time in school, and then working, will take away from time with my family, however I feel I need that also.... I am torn. Has anyone been in this situation and how has it worked out?
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  3. by   ozned
    I totally know where you are comming from! My children are 6 & 8. My youngest was under 1 when I went back to school. It was very diffucult, I'm not gonna lie. I missed family functions, afterschool programs, and just time with my kids. When you are at school or studying, you think you should be at home and when you are doing laundry or anything for the house/family all you can think about is "I should be studying". But in the end, it's worth it. I graduated in May.My kids and husband were so proud of me when I graduated and got my pin. It was so important for my children to see the importance of education and hard work. And I think it's important for them to see it's important to help others. So you're not only educating youself, remember. They are always watching...Good luck!!!!!!