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So, I've managed to make it through the first week of the classroom part of my New Grad program and this week I have been on the floor. I have to say, the feeling is a lot different as an RN than it was as an SN in very good way but in so many ways I feel like that awkward first semester nursing student. I am getting used to computer charting and so many other new things about the hospital I am working at. I feel like I've failed when my preceptor has to correct something I've done. I really like my preceptor and appreciate her teaching style and everything so I felt even worse when at the end of today she said "okay so tomorrow I want you to prepare so that you don't take so much time at the Pyxis - other nurses need to get their meds too." Ugh! I hate this awkwardness. Someone please tell me it gets better...

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It gets better. Look at all the posts on this forum, and you'll see that there's a common thread... at some point during your first year, things just start to slide into place. It's like driving a car: of course it's going to feel awkward and scary the first few times you practice, but if you keep coming back and trying, eventually it becomes second nature, and you don't remember what it was like when you didn't know how to do it!

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