First time resigning and it was my dream heartbreaking


Bloody hell this is a hard decision..

Early this year I got what I thought was my dream job. It was in a step down ICU at a huge great hospital. Well I really really liked the system but I've not grown to love the unit, it was boring and my co-workers are all like motherly like following me around because they got nothing to do. I hated it because I'm independent and though I look young I really really know my stuff. I'm beginning to hate looking young too because it gets in the way motherly looking people gets respect right away while looking young you continualy have to prove yourself and it sucks and it's exhausting. I just want to start all over figure out how to decrease my frustration. I have another FT job where I'm valued in the meantime.

Oh well, anyway i'm planning on putting my 2 weeks in, was it really terrifying to resign? How did you guys do it? Because I'm terrifed :OOOO I dont know why I really like the nursing supervisor who hired me though I didnt want to quit so soon but I am miserable on that job. I still have to work just 3 days before I'm fully out and I wish I didnt have to I hated it that much. I really loved the hospital though I hope I can go back on another unit and this time I'll deal with it better. I just need to breathe I was disappointed but I took a risk and I'm proud of myself for that. Huh what am I gonna say when I turn my resignation in :???

bloody hell this is killing me i gotta make peace with myself thanks guys just sharing or rambling.