First-Time Applicant for Fall '18 Monterey Bay Programs


Hi Guys!

I am looking for some advice on Hartnell College in Salinas, Ca and Cabrillo College in Aptos, Ca. These are the 2 programs I am applying for in January. I'm hoping for some insider information!

My background:

I went to school off and on for about 8 years and finally decided to pursue RN. The medical field has always been close to my heart, but it took some very personal experiences to realize for sure that's where I am meant to be.

I have almost all my prereques finished; Micro is in progress.

Overall GPA: 3.5

Anat: A

Physio: A

Eng 1A: A

Micro: will be an A unless my brain breaks and I forget everything.

So, I feel like I am a pretty good candidate to either program. I know Cabrillo is a lottery, but Hartnell seems to be a mystery! I hear a lot of stories of this or that, but I just don't know what to expect from the program. If anyone has insight or knows some unreleased stats for admissions to either program that would be awesome!

Also, I'm looking to touch base with people who have been through the programs or anyone who may be pursuing at the same time!

I am VERY excited to be at this point in the journey!


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Just an update for anyone that may be interested:

I scored an 88% on my TEAS that I took back in December.

I've been officially accepted to Cabrillo for Fall 2018 and I have made it into phase 2 for Hartnell.

I'm not totally certain on what program I want to be in, both are great.

Any advice for either would be greatly appreciated!