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Hey guys! Tomorrow is my first OB clinical. Any advice you guys can give? I'm cool with med-surg - that I can handle. More than a little nervous about OB...

Thanks in advance!



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LUCKY!!!! I don't get to start my OB rotation 'til after Easter!

My guess if you rely on the knowlege you've got and remember that you are "smarter than you think" you'll do fine!!!


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I did OB last semester, and I really enjoyed it. For the most part it was a very happy rotation, the majority of the patients come in, have their baby, and it is a happy time for them and their families. You still do a basic physical assessment, just add fundus, reflexes, and lochia. I asked the nurses if I could accompany them the first day to observe their assessments and feel the fundus so I knew what to look for.

I was a little nervous at first about taking care of the babies. (even though I have had three myself :rolleyes: ) But the nursery nurse was very helpful and assisted when we had questions.

Be prepared to do a lot of teaching. I had several opportunities to sit and go through the education packet and work with new moms, and a couple teen moms. (I have a special place in my heart for the teen moms, because I had my first son at 17) It was great to see them go from feeling apprehensive about caring for their babies to diapering and feeding with confidence.

It is a HUGE difference from med/surg, and maybe it was just the days that I was there, but it didn't seem as rushed or as stressed as a med/surg floor.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Be sure to let us know how it went.


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You have probably been through your OB clinical by now, but I just had to add my two cents. I love OB. The patients are usually healthy and OB is usually a happy place (but have experienced a few sad experiences during my clinicals). Teaching is very important, especially for first time moms or first sons that are circumcised. I hope you enjoyed your day and the nurses were good to you, because I think that either makes or breaks the first impressions of OB. Fortunately, all of my nurses have been great.

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Hey guys! Thank you all for your tips and advice! I survived my first day (which was antepartum, so it wasn't too bad! - More like med-surg with a pregnancy IMO.). My biggest complaint is that we all feel like we're being thrown to the wolves. We haven't had the teaching that we got last semester prior to clinical and our main basis for clinicals are the study guides we're required to do beforehand. There's even a downside to that - they're due on Wednesday prior and we get them back the morning of, so you don't know what areas you needed to brush up on (if any) until you're there so you head in nervous as all get out wondering if your answers were correct! Arrgh! Oh well, this too shall pass!

Thanks again to all of you who were so gracious to offer tips! Keep us in your prayers, too! :)

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