First Nursing Invention In Case Of...?


Hello, if you could please help me figure out this situation for a friend who is new nurse, it's not a real life situation, but one to answer in a learning booklet. She has come up with several possibilities in order, however not sure which to pick.

Patient in hospital just had 100ml of emesis which was undigested food.

Admitting diagnosis is pancreatitis

Complaints of head ache

Kn Fentanyl PCA. Complains lots of nausea +++

Few hours later

Complains of chest pain

Vital signs stable

Intake output normal except for the 100ml emesis

Young healthy otherwise

No cardiac history

-----What to do first as a nurse? Like what order? (LPN)

All answers appreciated. Thank you

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I suggest your friend post here and share her thoughts first. Although you state this isn't a homework” question, we encourage all posters to do their own research and/or thinking first. So post what you (she) has come up with so far and we can offer direction.

Or, if your friend is really a new nurse, she should direct these questions to her preceptor.