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First Job

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In May I will be graduating (Lord willing) and I am scheduled to start my first job in July (I am blessed/lucky enough to already have a job waiting for me once out of school/ passed NCLEX! 

I did not expect these feelings, but I feel very nervous that I will not do well at this job. 
I suppose due to a few factors:

- my friend who graduated last year was let go from her first job; she said it was her own fault and was "too slow"

- everyone says the transition from school to work is awful and shocking

- I am in the beginnings of my preceptorship and am feeling a bit shocked already at how much nurses do (and how much of it I have not been taught/prepared for yet!) 

Is it common for new grads to be let go? I am just now learning of all these "fun" adult terms like, " retention rates" and it increases my concern for how hard it will be to stick in a job....

I guess I am wondering if its common for nurses to be fired or something? idk... I am maybe being a worry wart? 

I am excited to be a nurse and I think my excitement for all the future holds in this next year increases my fear of losing it (I am so so so excited for the unit I was hired to, the area its in, the apartment I may rent, the starting wage; so I am very nervous I will lose this opportunity!)

Thanks for any advice, insight, encouragement, anything!!!! Even tips on ways to be successful or stories of how your first job was/ where you worked and how you adjusted?

Happy Nursing!

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Replying because I'm curious too. Graduation in May with an interview next week.


CONGRATS to you and your accomplishments so far! 

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