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First Interview


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:uhoh3:Just had to post something to try and help calm my nerves. I have my first job interview today for working as a nurse's aide. It's at a summer camp in upstate New York and it will run from around the middle of June until the end of July. I don't know how likely it will be that I really get the job because asides from my CNA training I don't have any relevant work experience and not as much experience as I would like working with kids either, but I'm just trying to stay positive and to keep my nerves from getting the best of me. Thanks for listening to my venting! :nuke:


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How did your interview go? I have one on Monday for CNA and I have zero experience too. I work full-time in an unrelated field and i'm a pre-nursing student at my local comm college. Let me know how yours went so I know what to expect :confused:

Crossing my fingers that you get the job! Some places don't care as much about previous work experience...your chances depend a lot on how many other applicants there are/their experience. If you don't get it, it just wasn't the job for you, that's all. If you do...congrats! :) Let us know!

Oh, and Kaylah...just from reading your post, I'm in pretty much the exact situation you're in, including pre-nursing at my local tech. college. Weird. :)


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I think the interview went pretty well. The job has only been posted for a week so I think they're still interviewing people but I'm trying to stay positive. I'm also starting nursing school soon so I would really love to have some relevant experience before I start this fall. Good luck on your interview Kaylah and good luck to both of you with nursing school!!


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Let me know how yours went so I know what to expect :confused:

Oh, and as for what to expect, probably the main questions I had related to how I felt my training had prepared me for the position. Like for instance, what type of things did I learn in my training. We talked alot about what my role would be and if I thought my training had prepared me for that, etc. My best advice would just be to go in and be yourself and be confident about what you've learned. Good luck and let us know how it went!! :nuke:

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