First hospital interview in over a year!

Specialties Urology


Specializes in Step-down ICU.

I will be interviewing for a renal nurse position at a very large hospital (about 1000 beds) next week. I've been working in HH since I graduated 16 months ago. Just looking for some advice on the interview (I'm nervous about the interview for some reason) or any words of encouragement. Renal was not my "first choice", but they were the only people who offered me an interview on the spot at the open house. I didn't want to come off as being ungrateful so I accepted because I have nothing to lose at this point. I'm still considered a new grad since I've had no acute care experience and will be in training for 12 weeks. Is this sufficient? In talking to one of the managers she mentioned breifly about being trained to do peritoneal dialysis as well! :eek: Are renal nurses typically cross-trained to do dialysis in an in-patient hospital setting?

Lastly, what are some thoughts about a newbie starting on a renal unit? Will I gain a great skill set that will make it possible for me to transfer elsewhere in a few years? Thanks!

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