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I would like to get a feel for what the range of pay for dialysis nurses is in Oregon.

I received my ADN in nursing and my RN license in July 2011. I have been working as a staff nurse in a 15 chair dialysis unit in the Portland metro area for 6 months. I was shadowed by a charge nurse at first but now will be on my own and my 6 month eval is coming up. Before becoming an RN, I had years of health care experience as an MA.

What is the prevailing wage range (highs & lows) out there in Oregon & SW Washington for dialysis staff nurse?

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I can't offer any helpful info on salary range for your region or specialty, but just wanted to mention you might want to be cautious in your expectations of a raise at 6 months unless it has been explicitly promised to you.

Many employers do not give raises until at least one year of service. Even then, in current economy, many employers are not offering raises at all. That said, my facility has approved 3% raises for all staff this year. Good luck to you!

I know this is not related to your salary, but a word of caution --- as a new RN, I would just mention to continue to educate yourself and learn all the policies and procedures as well as the ESRD Conditions -- Of course, there is alot of trouble shooting with machines that often the technicians will seek your help.... I am not stating such to discourage you but as I have been told and know, it takes years to become an expertised-dialysis RN --- important to know the ESRD Conditions, especially infection control as that is the number one cited deficiency by CMS -- Also, complications are something else you should familiarize yourself with -- some units will allow technicians (I know of many FMC and Davita units) to make their own judgement calls, when, in fact, it is an RN judgement call - in reality-- dialysis a life-sustaining treatment can become life-=threatening in a second's time ...

just my thinking so that you are covered

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