first day

Specialties CRNA



it is do-able right?!?!?!? :eek:

i know it is....but i guess someone can only tell you how rough it is gonna be - and then you really see how rough it is....i however look forward to the learning - as an undergrad it kinda goes in one ear and out the other - then you remember it when you are working and really start to understand - this is so far beyond that - i am just beginning to grasp how much CRNA's know - amazing! (and to think - in 2.5 yrs I will know much of that!!!)

hello athomas91,

i was accepted into the same program your in for 1/05. tell me a little more about your first day. i've been reading the posts on this board for several months but this is my first reply. i remember you not getting selected for your first choose of clinical site but i don't remember what site you pick. share infomation about clinical site and if you have to pay for parking. you can send me a pm or reply here.any info. will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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