First Day of Nursing School How do you Feel????


Hello All!!! Actually my first day of Nursing School BSN is in a few hours. I am excited. But at the same time nervous. I had Orientation yesterday purchased books got my syllabus and calendar of the tests over the semester. Looking at my enormous books i feel overwhelmed. Just made this thread to see how everyone first day went!! Good Luck to All!!!:D


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I had my first day Aug 12....overwhelmed is the perfect word to describe how most us students felt:uhoh3::uhoh3:


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My first day in my nursing program is September 8. I'm super excited, but also nervous because I don't know what to expect and how fast students are given assignments/projects or readings and how quickly they feel overwhelmed.

I'd also love to hear how things are going for any first years starting out. (Good luck to everyone)! :nurse:

My first day is Wednesday... I've bought most of my books (online) and I'm just waiting on one more to come in the mail (but it's the most important one, of course). I just found all of the syllabuses (syllabi?) online and downloaded them... one was 134 PAGES! I almost fainted... but then I realized a lot of that was policy, etc. so I felt better, but still!! Very intimidating... I just can't wait to actually start so I can stop guessing about what everything is really going to be like...