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After months of waiting for the NCLEX, and searching for a job, my day finally came! I was offered a job! I have 6 years of STNA experience so I was welcomed with open arms at a long term facility. Im going to work 12 night shift, which is great because I'm a night owl. But after I settled down from excitement, I realized that everything from clinicals is starting to become a blur. What do I bring for my first day? What questions do I ask? Should I brush up on procedures? I want to go in confident not scared. Please help! Thank you all:nurse::nurse:


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My first job after graduating was also at a ltc facility. I purchased a spiral notebook and carried it around with me for weeks. I wrote down everything I possibly could. On my first day of on the floor training I wrote down the major activities of the day. For example 0530 we received report from the off going shift, 0600 started pt assessments, 0700 accu checks/insulins and so on. Of course the times were approximate because there are always interuptions in nursing lol. The notes helped me when I felt lost or off track on what needed to be done next. I hope this helped a little. Good luck.


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What a wonderful idea. I find that I work better if I have something to work from. That will help thank you! Did it take long to become adjusted?

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I made up my own "brain" sheet and had it on a clipboard with a legal pad for notes, to-do stuff, etc.

You will get a routine. And with the STNA experience, you will have a big advantage. The skills don't go away. I was out of med surg for years, and it all came back like I'd never left. :)


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Thank you! I'm sure once I get started it will Come right back