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Hey guys, I am going to my first clinical this wensday. This semestr our group starts on the medical floor. We were given the instruction package that contains most common diagnoses, procedures and drugs. I am extremely exided and, obviously, nervous. How was your first clinical day? Do you have any suggestions? I will be very happy to hear your personal stories.... And wish me good luck.

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I was nervous as heck my first clinical day. We started out with a couple of weeks that were just sort of "get your feet wet" ones. We didn't have to have care plans or anything like that. We just had to go, give our patient a bath, change the linens and get a complete history and physical.

I ended up with an old fellow who had a pretty poor memory, so most of my history I had to take from the chart. I didn't even know how to begin looking at the chart. The physical was ok...I had a hard time remembering to do everything--especially the neuro checks. Then the bath. That's where the trouble began. I set him up for a bed bath, and washed his back. He said he could do the rest. Well, Ok. I told him I would be right outside the door and to yell if he needed me. He was extremely shy of my seeing his "private parts". Anyway, I went out and not more than 2 minutes later about 5 people went running into his room...he had pulled off his heart monitor leads so they saw the flat lines at the desk and thought he was coding. Poor old guy.


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I had to laugh when reading your first clinical experience. Reminds me so much of mine. Ours started out making beds too. And when I went to the chart to get the info that the instructor wanted us to get I was like, "Okay, just where do I find his code status? Which tab is the doctor's notes? Where's lab?" Hmmmm, blond moment. All I can say is, thank goodness for fellow students who are already LPNs. They know where to find everything! haha

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