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So, today i received a job offer from what is basically my dream job. The pay is what i was expecting, the benefits are good. I'm also excited because I think Im lucky to get the offer. My resume and experience are just border line for this position. (I might not of hired me). Im willing to look past this though. Now, the down side.. its about 200 miles from where I live now. While not a huge move, Ive got some relocation anxiety. I haven't any kids, but I would be leaving other family. I only know a couple people in the new city, literally. Im just hesitant to turn it down because I think it would be difficult to get this on my resume any other way. Anybody have any thoughts..told them i need a couple days to consider.


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Go for it!!! Sometimes a change of scenery is a good thing. And if it's pretty much your dream job, the answer is obvious. 200 miles isn't that far away, and you can do plenty of visiting in your time off. Congrats on the offer.

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Congrats on the offer!! Now is the time to try new things, go new places-before kids and other responsibilities limit you. Take it from someone who has lived in the same 50 mile radius for her whole life.....I wish I had tried some place new when I had the freedom to do so!!


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I agree with LiLoRN and BCgradnurse - Go for it! 200 miles is not that far away. Especially with cell phones/texting/chatting, you could keep in close contact and you are only a 3 hour drive away. If it doesn't work out, you can always go back home to your family/comfort zone, with experience. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations :yeah:


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Don't let fear of location stop you from your self proclaimed dream job!!! I love moving. I have not stayed in the same town longer than two years since 1999. The military was 4 years of it, but after that I got the moving bug!


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Well, i accepted the job. Time to start looking for a new place to live. Its as an ICU NP. Basically, the job description is a lot like permanent resident for the unit. Ill get to diagnose, write orders, admit, and best of all, do lots of procedures. Trach placement, central line placement, a-line placement, chest tubes and possibly some peg tube. I really like procedures.

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