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Finished with my theory and on to preceptorship

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Hi everyone,

I finished my last final on Friday. All that's standing between me and graduation is 18 shifts precepting in the ICU...and boy am I freaked out! I have been an LVN at the hospital I will be precepting at for 7 years. I am worried that they will expect more from me than they would your average off the street student. In my right mind I know I can do this, and do it well. However, my emotions are trying to get the best of me. Please tell me that you were freaked out also. When I speak to my friends at work they all tell me " You are going to be great". Nice to hear, but really I want to know that all of them went through the same emotions and I'm not alone.

mpccrn, BSN, RN

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you aren't alone. keep your game face on......deep down, you KNOW you can do this. stay on top of your game. ICU is just doing the regular stuff, just waaaay more frequently. if you have questions.....ask! :smokin:

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