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Guys, please help. My application for licensure by RN exam in Florida is ongoing. I am just waiting for my CGFNS to be approved,almost I am finish with the rest of the requirements and the only thing that is left for me to accomplish is the submission of my electronic fingerprinting. Since I am educated outside US (I am from Philippines) but currently working here in Kuwait, I know that I should request for a Fingerprint cards from their website. So what I did, I requested cards last April 13,2016. 2 days from that day, they replied saying that my request for fingerprint cards are on process and it will take only 7-14 business days to be mailed by the address I provided. But until now, no fingerprint cards are coming. I emailed them so many times regarding this, but they are not replying. I dont know what is happening, are they just busy or intentionally not replying. I've spent too much for this application, and I dont want everything to be wasted. I even tried to call them, and just they hang me up waiting for 30mins until my credit finish. An operator says "all agents are currently busy right now". I even called the US embassy here in kuwait to ask if I can get fingerprint cards to them, they said that I should really email BON florida regarding this.

And now, I am hopeless on what to do next, if I will not be receiving that fingerprint cards, what more is my chance to complete the whole process of my application? If you guys do have any ideas to share, or experienced the same problem, please do share. Thank you.


I am a kuwait resident and I want to give fingerprints for cgfns process as I am preparing myself for NCLEX so how can I give fingerprints in kuwait can anyone guide me please 

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