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Finding part-time employment

Semi-rant...I hope I am posting in the right place. I am a first year nursing student. I have a certification as a CNA and a BA in another field. I have been working for an "elite" organization for several years. But I simply can't get my foot in the door to transfer departments. It feels really strange and frustrating to see so many opportunities pass me by with no real legitimate reasons. I've done the "talk to HR" thing, the "get feedback from hiring manager's" thing. My last interview was this week, it felt like the final straw for me. The interview seemed to be going very well, until I asked about the possibility of changes in schedule. I knew after that question the interview was over. I did not make my nursing school endeavors priority, but I was interested in how the schedule works and if there would be any flexibility. Basically, the answer was "NO". I am kind of fedup. I never expected a position to be handed to me. However, I did expect to be given some sort of chance considering my years of service with the organization. One word, disappointment.

I am thankful for the current manager that I have. I have a very positive relationship with her. Unfortunately, my department doesn't consistantly use nursing staff outside of managerial positions. At anyrate, I have come to the conclusion that I need to stay in my current department (atleast until I finish school). But I am also thinking weather or not I want to even work in a hospital anymore. Protocol really feels shady and cut throat. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Besides the "it's the economy" response, please.


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I know you asked for someone to not answer with, “it’s the economy” but it is. When the unemployment rate goes up, it means there is a much larger applicant pool to draw from. With that being said, employers are in the driver’s seat. When the unemployment rate goes back down and the economy gets back on track , the employees will be back in the driver’s seat.

Once the economy turns around: nurses will go back into retirement, nurses who were once considering retirement will retire, and the number of applications to nursing schools will decrease thus decreasing the number of nursing graduates. This is something that isn’t going to happen within the next few years, but eventually will. If the applicant pool wasn’t so large, the manager with whom you interviewed would have told you there was flexibility in the scheduling for the sake of getting some coverage.

I hope you the best…good luck.

thanks. you are right. i have seen the almost arrogance and superficial feel at each interview.

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