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Hi everyone. I have been unemployed for two years because I have young children and my husband was stationed overseas. My background is Pacu. I tried to make the best of my time off by starting and finishing a RN to BSN program (GPA 3.94) and being a volunteer nurse at a Church based free clinic. I started job hunting 6 months ago, and I have yet to land a job. I have had 7 different interviews at separate facilities (actually 15 because I interviewed twice at each place, one place I interviewed 3 times for the same job). I feel the interviews went well, but someone is always more qualified than I am. I have tried to stay in PACU and go to different specialties, I am very open to anything..I just want to work. I feel my resume is good because I actually get interviews. I also feel I am very what's wrong? Just looking for any other similar experiences. I am so down about it that I have thought about getting a MBA and getting out of nursing all together. I feel I am a hard worker and great nurse. I am very loyal - anyone would be lucky to have me. What gives? Any experiences or advise?


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I live in the southeast...Mobile / Pensacola area.


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6 months? I've got that in plus double it. 13 years cardiac ICU. Still looking for a n y t h i n g.

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OP: it's a tight job market. You can do everything right and hit every single wicket, and it still might not land you a job.

The fact that you are two years' out of working does put you at a disadvantage, as employers often want recent experience. For example, one hospital that I work at requires at least one year's experience in the last three years. While you're not quite at three years out, you probably look less appealing than a candidate who's currently working elsewhere and so has that recent experience.

With two years' experience, you likely qualify for agency/registry nursing. Have you thought about doing that to get your feet wet again? It will also let you network, and a lot of agencies have long-term contracts or will help place you somewhere.