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Hi guys!

I have been having a hard time trying to find schools that offer the entry level MSN program. I am almost done with my bachelors in biology, so i need a masters program designed for people who do not have a bachelors in nursing. I have been able to fine some in cali, but not many. And im having trouble finding some in colorado. So i was wondering if any of you guys know an easier way to find schools that offer this or knoe of any schools in cali or colorado, maybe even arizona, that offer that type of program.

Thanks so much in advance :)

I just read today in the GNA Georgia Nursing Association newspaper that MCG Medical College of GA has an entry point MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program for those who hold a non-nursing undergrad degree. This type of program seems like an excellent option for those with a natural science degree. If it an education or advanced practice role you want this is a great starting point because once you have an MSN you can get post masters certification or study for DNP which would allow you to test for licensure as a nurse practitioner. Univ of Alabama has one such online program for MSN holders who want to become family nurse practitioners or faculty.

Check out the websites of these schools or google prelicensure MSN or direct entry MSN. As for me, I am working towards my FNP MSN and I am hoping I finish before 2015 because I have heard rumors that FNP's who graduate after that will need a DNP anyway.

Best Wishes to you!

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