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finding a cna job with no cpr cert


I am in my last week of cna class. I plan on working in a nursing home and was wondering if anyone thinks I will have a hard time finding a job with no cpr cert. I had one in 2000. Also if anyone can give me any advise since this is all new to me. I have been a truck driver, telemarketer and in the hospitality business. thanx

omg i have lots of advise, lol. First, most CNA jobs do not require u to have CPR cert, in fact im not even allowed to do CPR where i work, even though i am certified.

hang in their...it can be a tough transition...it is hard work and the staff can be hard on new workers...but its nothing you cant get through with persistance. once you get past the first few months you will find cna work is very fun and rewarding, though not very glorious, lol to say the least.

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