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:crying2::crying2::crying2:I am sorry I am just new in this site, and I am trying to explore things here. This site is really great, and can help a lot to all nurses, thanks to those who created this.:)

Anyway, I graduated and passed the board exam last year. It is more than a year, but until now I don't have any job. I love being a nurse and I want to work as nurse. I tried to apply in a call center but i did not stay long because I'm not comfortable in the working environment maybe because it was not really for me. Last May I started to work as a volunteered nurse in home for the aged of a nuns. I stay there for three months, and now I am looking for a new job, It is really hard to find a job in any of the hospital here in Metro Manila. Even just being a volunteer, I really don't know how, and where to apply because I'm not aware of the hospital here in Metro Manila.:uhoh3:

please help me, is anyone out there know any hospital who accept volunteered nurses? and also if u know any available trainings for BLS, IVT, first aid, and anything that is related to nursing profession, where and what are the requirements needed. ...:crying2::banghead:

thank u very much... looking forward for your response guys. :):tku:

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