final year nursing pre grad helppp!!!


hey guys, im at the point in nursing school where i have to pick my final pregrad practium and i am beyond confused!! i have been placed in l&d/postpartum, neurology, respiratory, peds and i still have to do community! i know for sure that i hate peds dont get me wrong i love kids when their healthy but it is not a type of nursing that i am passionate about.

SOO i have it narrower down to five areas i am interested in: er, mental health, or, icu and public/community health

can you guys give me advice on the five areas i chose, what was it like, did you learn alot etc?? so i can narrow my list down


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It depends on where you want to be when you graduate or whether you're just looking for well rounded skills experience. I chose to do my ip in mental Heath because I knew I wanted to get a job there after graduation. If you want to build a more solid skill base then med/surg is a great option. My IP gave me some great experience in working with an interdisciplinary team, learning to advocate for my patients and communicate with docs. I spent a lot of time learning the mental Heath act, forms, consent and capacity boards, patients rights advocates and ethics. Psych meds, ECT and CBT. The experience I gained there helped me to secure a job on a mental Heath inpatient unit at a large hospital and I really enjoy my job and this field of nursing.


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hey cdnbscn, that sounds so interesting!! I wasnt lucky enough to get a clinical placement in mental health, but I love learning about mental health and I am passionate about it! Did you have a clinical placement in mental health prior to your final placement? Im in ontario, so i was looking into CAMH maybe ill try volunteering there

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At the end of the day, funding dictates whether you will be hired on. Choose an area that interests you OP, but also know that you'll need to be flexible.


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I did do a mental health placement during third year and then put in for a mental health placement for my IP. I'm also in Ontario. Feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions.