Filipino nurse wanting to work and live in Australia permanently


Hi! I am a new nurse seeking advice from other Filipino nurses who were able to successfully work and live permanently in Australia. I am still in the process of getting my first RN job in the Philippines, but I'd like to know how much (money) should I prepare to be able to work in live in Australia permanently.

At first, working in the US seems to be the most attractive option. I believe US pays better and has more opportunities to those who are interested to pursue some specialties (APN, CRNA, NP, etc). However, we all know how hard it is for a new nurse like me to get into the US now.

My main goal in life is to live in a peaceful and progressive country where my profession is valued, so Philippines is definitely the first country off my list. I just want to live a simple and peaceful life while doing what I'm passionate about, and I thought that Australia provides the best setting for my dream life.

Here are some of my questions specifically (sorry for the long background):

1. What are the steps I need to take to work as an RN in AU?

2. How many years of experience do they require?

3. How much money do I need to spend before I get an RN job there?

4. How long does the process take?

5. Is the bridging program required? How long will it take?

6. How long should I work in AU before I become eligible for permanent residency?

7. How's life as a Filipino nurse working and living permanently in AU?

8. Is it hard to blend/adapt culturally to Aussies?

9. What's the usual salary range of RNs if I have 2 years of hospital experience and complete any educational program in the AU? What could be a possible starting salary for me there?

Thank you so much for reading. I understand that most of the answers above can be found online. However, I'd like to hear the answers of other nurses based from their experiences.