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Field Case Mgr. Humana vs. Unitedhealth?


Hi all,

I have recently applied to both Humana and UnitedHealth for field case manager positions. My question are aimed to those who may have worked for one of these companies. I believe I would be a shoe-in for either company due to several years of established case management and field supervisor experience. I would like to know pros and cons of both including salary and benefit information. I have seen some threads referring to how awful they both are but the threads were also kind of old. Any information anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. :uhoh3:

I worked for United for three years and although it's an extremely stressful job, it has it perks and I'm planning on going back.

I worked as a telephonic case manager. The goal and expectations were quite difficult to achieve in my opinion and some of the managers can be difficult to deal with (although my manager was pretty cool but she still had to do her job).

The reason why I planning on returning is the fact that although the job seemed undoable (not sure if this is a word), I worked with a really great set of people whom I enjoyed.

The pay was pretty decent and as long as your trying to meet the goals, you do get rewarded (small periodic rewards).

Good luck!


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Try checking this website for reviews on this company and others.....