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FGCU BSN Fall 2018

by Madimac1 Madimac1 (New) New

Hi! Since applications are opening in February for FGCU BSN for Fall 2018 I wanted to see who else is applying. I have a 3.54 GPA and an 86% on the TEAS.

Hello everyone, we are almost at the 6 week mark, has anyone received anything yet?

I applied as well! I have a 3.78 GPA and an 86% on the TEAS. I haven't heard anything yet, does anyone know when we are supposed to be hearing back?

We should hear back in May. I have a 3.84 and an 90% on the TEAS. My biggest fear is that I am an out-of state-student. I know in-state students get priority. Fingers crossed!

I feel like we are going to hear back mid to end of April.

Yes, I think it should be by mid April at least! Crossing my fingers! Did anyone apply anywhere else?

Letters have been sent out!

I got my acceptance letter yesterday!!


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I got my acceptance letter today!! Is anyone looking for a roommate to share an apartment with?

I didn't get in for a second time! I was so sad when I opened my letter lol I tore it up after I read it. Congrats to everybody that did though. I did get into UCF Nursing so I will be going there. Wanted to get into FGCU but I am grateful that I will still be starting nursing school in the fall anyway.

Hey guys! Congrats to all who got accepted. Just wanted to know what the stats of those who got accepted were ??

Hello everyone. Congrats to those accepted. Is anyone interested in having a roommate or renting at Coastal Village together? I will b new to the area And would appreciate a friend to live with thats in the program! Even if we dont live together we can just keep contact.