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Ferris RN to BSN online program

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Just wanted to get some information and reviews about Ferris State University online RN to BSN program. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

I emailed an adviser last week and this is what she sent me " This program is an intense one year plan designed for students with an existing bachelors degree in any other field. The program is designed over three full semesters, with a combination of lab, lecture and clinicals. Our clinical sites are in three different areas: Traverse City, Fremont, and Cadillac. Below are three links, one to our nursing program the second to our admissions to the clinical programs, the third to our transfer equivalency links: http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/colleges/alliedhe/Nursing/homepage.htm http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/colleges/alliedhe/Admission-to-the-Clinical-Programs.htm http://www.ferris.edu/admissions/Transfer/WebPages/equivalencies.htm On the link to the nursing program, there is information for the 1-year plan, and also Qualification & Application Forms for the Accelerated BSN. Students must submit an application to the College of Health Professions between January 15th and the 30th for admissions to the accelerated program. The actual program starts in our summer semester (May) and will continue for three semesters or one calendar year. The qualification link will explain the prerequisites needed for the January application period. This application process is separate from the process to apply to Ferris State University. If this is an option you are considering, you may also want to start that process which you can do online at no cost on the ferris.edu homepage. This also will get your transcripts here, so they can be officially evaluated. Students apply to the professional sequence each January for the May start and are admitted in the order of the semester that they qualify, as all students must meet the same minimum standard. This year we did have 70 students apply for our 24 seats so it is fairly competitive. The third link you can use to determine what you have taken and compare it to the “qualification checklist” to determine what classes you may still need. Another area to look into is financial aid, funds may still be available to you as long as you have remaining loan eligibility. This program is an undergraduate program, you may want to check with the financial aid office for information in this area if needed."

Hope this helps!!!

***** oops sorry this is for the accelerated BSN program and I'm not sure how to delete the post. ***


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