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..something in particular during lecture and said 'jeesh = I need to start using this info in my own personal life'? Well,currently we're studying another round of Fluids and Electrolytes and one of the things we learned was that many foods with salt substitutes contain a lot of potassium. Since I have high blood pressure and have been buying a lot of low/no salt products, I ran home to look at a bottle of No Salt Heinz Ketchup I bought recently...and low and behold, yes there is Potassium Chloride in this stuff. And I'm such a ketchup fiend that I've been practically drinking the stuff:uhoh3:

What other 'doh' stories do you have from real life lessons learned from a class lecture?

Btw, I'm glad to report that I do not exhibit any signs/symptoms of hyperkalemia:D

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