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Feeling Frustrated

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I have completed my CNA state test in October been certified and also obtained a BLS and still searching for a job . I have continued to apply to all my local hospitals as thats where I ultimately wanna work and have received nothing but denials. My question is is it normally this hard to get into hospitals or is it my lack of work experience and I need to obtain a job at a nursing home for experience?

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From my experience, it's all about who you know at the hospital. I applied repeatedly for months to one hospital in particular receiving multiple denials for all types of units. It wasn't until I went to a networking event, met the director of nursing education, and gave her my resume, that I finally got a call. I think hospitals do prefer experienced CNA's, however, and I suggest taking what you can get, even in a nursing home. Without a doubt, any experience will give you skills and resume building.


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Hospitals are incredibly hard to get into without experience. I suggest you work your way up. Start at an LTC or similar. Get a year or two under your belt and then apply to hospitals. Your job description will be nearly the same in either type of facility. The difference is the type of patients needs and the routine.