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Feeling very discouraged. Need some help.

by almcco0418 almcco0418 (New) New

Hi all, I'm feeling absolutely lost right now. I got into LPN school last fall and did great in fundamentals and pharmacology. I just barely passed the math class exam average, but I completely forgot to do one assignment in the class and it brought me under the passing grade. So I was kicked out. I know I'm not the first this has happened to and I won't be the last. I am currently working on with an ambulance service and in a local (very high volume) ER as an Advanced EMT. I have a great knowledge base. I know how to take care of a patient. Why don't schools care about experience? I know that I could be be a great nurse. I love to take care of people. I love healing and being a part of a team. I have a ton of references, several of them physicians. I don't understand why no one will give me a chance.

AlissaTaylor13, CNA

Has 4 years experience.

I am not sure where you are from, but many of the colleges in my state give admission points for healthcare experience! Most programs also want to see good grades, so there are also points for that. I do not know of any schools in my state that want references though. It is mostly grade and test based admissions! Experience helps a lot, but they want to see that you can handle the program academically by looking at your prereq grades.