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I have been perusing the job sites (motivational activity), and I have seen this term in several listings...I was hoping that one of you can tell me a little about "fee for service" and the advantages/disadvantages of having this flexible form of compensation as opposed to salary, etc. Thanks in advance

PS Also wanted to ask what exactly "percentage income" entails.

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Fee for service, means you get paid for the work performed, usually by the case, as opposed to a salary.

When you get to the point of looking at alternative practice situations, I would recommend you buying the book, "The Business of Anesthesia. Practice Options for Nurse Anesthetists". It is published by the AANA and is written by M. J. Mannino, CRNA, JD., who is one of the most sucessful and well respected CRNAs in the country.



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Thanx for your reply. Do you know many CRNA's that use this alternative? Is it a more lucrative option in states without MDA supervision?

I am far from the point of truly exploring alternative practice situations, but appreciate any info you might offer.

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My dear Sam,

Where did you get the idea that there are any states that require MDA supervision? There are none. If you are referring to the Medicare ruling of a year ago, it is not about MDAs supervising CRNAs.

If you want to get a good feel about how CRNAs feel about this topic, sign on to Old-Gas@Yahoo Groups.com. There was a recent post from a CRNA who just started his first position without supervision. He was so liberated and, of course, gets to keep the money.

Keep your mind and your options open. There is a great world of opportunity for nurse anesthetists out there.



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Could you provide a link for Old-Gas? I've searched twice and keep coming up with old gas pumps. Thanks.



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Nevermind found it



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Sam, another good site to check out is CRNABIZ at the yahoo groups..



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Could someone post the links to Old-Gas and/or CRNABIZ? I have tried to search for both of these at yahoo groups, and keep getting the message.."there is no group..." for both.

Many thanks!!



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