fed up with cna job


Hey everyone! I've been a per diem CNA for almost 2 years, I'm 20 years old and I work in an NJ hospital. I absolutely love my job and its a great experience. I love working with people and floating around the hospital to different departments every time I work. It keeps me motivated on why I choose to stick with nursing school because my co workers are my role models. Anyways, as a per diem I call in whenever I want to schedule for the day. But ever since march 2012 I have been getting called out Monday thru Friday and the only time I get hours is on the weekends. I understand that as per diem I get last pick on when the jobs are available because part and full time get priority. But I am used to working atleast 4 or 5 days as per diem. It really sucks because who wants to work only weekends? I literally work every weekend because I can get hours then. I was contemplating on working part time because I am starting nursing school and its probably not the best time to start part time even tho its only 2 or 3 days, but I'm so used to the flexibility as a per diem that I don't want a scheduled work week. I also don't want to work holidays. I am applying to other hospitals because I hear other ones have been busy and don't cancel. It just sucks because my hospital now is hiring so many new people but it doesn't make sense because they don't have any hours to spare for per diem so why are they hiring part timers? I'm just very frustrated and wanted to know if anyone else has been getting cancelled or having low census and if I should look into a part time position