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Fearing the teas test

by bigfineinc bigfineinc (New) New

Im schedule to take the TEAS test for Charity School of Nursing in N.O. next month, everyone I talked to didnt do as good as they expected. No one can give me an insite on what to expect. I Purchased the study guide book, Is it really helpful...Can anyone explain to me whats on there and how to prepare myself to score a good percentile...THX

The study guide is pretty helpful. If you can, I would highly recommend paying for the online practice exams. They're pretty close to the real thing and you get a breakdown of your score at the end, so you know what to focus more attention on when studying. Just make sure that you study the same version you will be taking, I believe there are at least 2 different tests. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!