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So I am a director of nursing in Ohio in a long term care facility. I receive verbal orders constantly. My CNP wanted me to text her frequently about questions etc. Which I do as she has asked. yes I know it is not on an encrypted line so I know it is wrong there. I had a patient that fell and needed xrays. I did call the CNP, which my call log shows on my phone and she told me to get xrays of the back etc. I did and it showed the lady had hardware that was loose. The CNP thanked me for doing what I did. The same lady has coughing spells and she asked for medication. I texted the CNP and texted her with no answer on Tessalon pearls and then she stated yes in text. Now she then called me later and stated "Did you write that Tessalon pearl orders" I stated " yes you told me to in text, do you want me to discontinue it" In which verbally she stated "No go on give it" The CNP then came in the next day and discontinued it. This happened on 1/24/24. On 1/26/24 she calls me and asks if her texts are coming through, I state "no" and she proceeds to tell me to delete them and send her another text, which in turn I do as she states, and she verifies she got the text by sending me a text.  She then reports me on 1/29/25 with her company that she works for lawyers and states " I never gave the orders to her". She also then proceeds to name a bunch of orders that date waaaaaaay far back, months that she states she never gave to me. Now when I deleted my texts I have no way to retrieve them, my carrier, which is t- mobile state they can not retrieve them, and I did not push the right button on my phone to archieve them and I constantly empty the trash on my phone due to having an old phone and needing to free up space. I do however have the call log that shows conversations. There is no defenitive answer, so my job feels it is better to report me so it will be "vague". I live in Ohio. If it is reported, does it not boil down to a he said she said type of thing? How much do I have to worry?

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