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FAU Accelerated BSN HELP!

Hey Everyone!

I will be moving to Florida during the summer of 2018 and wanted to apply to FAU's accelerated program once I finish my first bachelors degree. I wanted to know if there is anyone that got accepted to the accelerated program and what made you stand apart from everyone else.

Currently I'm in my 3rd year of college so i will be graduating a year early. I've taken all the prereqs for nursing because i was enrolled in my current schools Pre-Nursing program but I'm unable to apply to their Nursing program because I am moving. At this point I have to change my major but im unsure of what will make me stand out amongst others that are applying.

My cummulative GPA is above a 3.6 and my pre-req GPA is around a 3.7. I took the TEAS once and got an 85 but plan on taking it again before I apply.

My options for majors at this point is:




Psychology w/ minor in any of the above

I know they're all basic which is why I'm asking which one or any other major will help me stand out on my application


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