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what would your input to a fantacy er be? :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

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In the perfect ER in my head...we give out valium samples in the waiting room...pregnant vag bleeders do their own visitors...everyone helps everyone...and "It's not my job" is unheard of...If you get on my nerves, its perfectly acceptable to intubate and paralyze you until I finish my work and wake you up just before visitors....we are on psych divert...everyone says please and thank one has belly pain...noone has to drink oral contrast (because noone has belly pain)...NGT's aren't painful, for the patient or the are only allowed to have one are only allowed one visit per month...we are still on psych divert...every sickle cell patient has a port-a-cath...and the list could go on forever...I guess I'm just a dreamer.... :rotfl:


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i would like docs that respect everyone, er docs, surgeons and private attendings. i would also love percocet and work notes added to the vending machines.

i would also like to be able to film the drunks and the actors only to hold it against them later.

i want to be able to hold all pts accountable for thier own actions and responsible for complying with any medical care.

oh, and i think all visitors should have to fill out a form stating which medical school they graduated from BEFORE they open their mouths with any suggestions on how we do our jobs. i want to be able to tell them to shut up if they can't justify their suggestions.

but alas, i am just a dreamer as well.

i like mammatrauma's intubation and paralyzing rule! :coollook:

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