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Family and school

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I need help and advice from any other ladies here who are married and have kids.

I am finishing up my second to last semester of nursing school and it has gotten to the point where I am consumed with school! Studying, clinicals, online work etc.

I start early in the mornings and my husband works an afternoon evening job. He takes care of getting the kids to school, camp in the mornings when I leave early. He also watches them when I study and does some shopping here and there. We have cleaning help (student loans :) and I do a lot of the shopping, cooking, appointments etc with the kids. We are both very busy. So tonight I decided that we needed to get out together and take a break. He barely talked and seemed uninterested. When we got home I brought up the fact that we barely talk and even when I try to he doesn't seem interested. Well he BLEW up at me and started screaming about how all I ever talk about is school and do I have any idea of what he does.. he was going on and on. Woah, all I was doing was trying to have a normal conversation! I do talk about school a lot, I'm not gonna deny that,kind of hard not to while I'm full on with it. Also he talks about his work and side business allll the time as well. I don't get it. Does he not realize how hard this is?! I am exhausted, I get up way before everyone else and have so much on my plate. When I'm studying at night he's sitting and watching tv. I don't know what to do now. He hasn't blown up like this in a while and it's making me so anxious and my heart is racing, I'm angry and confused.

Sorry for the long post, my thoughts are racing also and I'm just typing away. I need advice, I need to hear about how you make this work and really any validation or anything. Thanks

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