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hi to everyone,

I have been reading everyone's post and thought I would post. I am new to the web site. I am currently taking the pre- reqs for nursing. I listened to the couselor at the community college where i am taking these classses, which are eng 102, algebra, phys 101, biology. At first I thought I could handle all of these classes at once, but being out of school for many years now I see this is not easy. I failed my first 2 biology tests and my first 2 algebra exams as well. I am so ashamed and disgusted that I am considering changing my major from nursing to something else.

Though I want to become a nurse so much this is just hard. On top of that if I can't even get biology how will i maintain the rest of the sciences. I have no clue what to do, I registered for a&p I in jan now i don't know if that was a good idea.

thanks everyone


Sarah Kat

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Is there an LPN program near you? You might want to enroll in that, then if you still want to be an RN you would have a stonger math/science base after completing the LPN program.


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First ask yourself Do I Want to be a Nurse? If yes try a study partner it's free and you can make a good friend that understands exactly what your going through. GOOD LUCK!


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I had to respond because this was me last semester....same classes as you. I was failing Biology and Algebra last semester so I dropped them both (to salvage my GPA) and got some books on study skills. I took the same classes this semester and I have A's in both of them!!!! It is possible. I too, had been out of school for awhile and learned that I had forgotten how to study. I also eased my self in slowly (not taking but 2 classes after having been out of school for so I could get use to being in school again. Also, your instructor has alot to do with how well you do in a class...I have seen this in several classes. I would: drop the courses you are failing and focus on the ones you are doing good in and retake the dropped courses next semester. Reason: It's going to get ALOT harder so you better get prepared. I'd like to reccomend the book that I got on studying: "Getting Straight A's" by Gordon Green at and read it about 4 times (will take that much for it to all sink in) but IT WORKS!!!!! I am proof. Best of luck.


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