Failed pn exit exam


Hi everyone,

Has anyone taken the pn exit exam failed and also the retake and failed? That's what happened to me. I was very close both times. Ours school required us to pass with a 72.7% which is equivalent to a 92% passing the NCLEX. Now I got dismissed and am going through the enrollment process. My adviser told me that I will get readmitted. My question is, since I will be taking the pn exam again with another cohort, will it be the same? They couldn't have changed it that fast could they? How would I know if they did or not? All our tests are through ATI. Also, is there any good quizlets out there that you would recommend to study. Please send links, I need help, I can't fail again. Our instructor advised us to study comprehensive exam a & b on ATI. But for some reason doesn't ever help. What do you think I should study on ATI for pn students?

Thank you! I appreciate it