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Hello all! I'm a sophomore in community college and I failed physiology 01. I'm going to retake it in the Spring but I'm scared that this will affect my nursing school applications since I will be applying starting January for the Fall of 2024. Any suggestions on how I can pass physiology this time around? Any advice for nursing apps? 

Hello Ashley,

I'll share what worked for me, and hopefully others can share too. 

First, a little background. I'm in California, earned a 4.0 in my nursing prereqs, and was accepted to several public ADN/ABSN programs for Spring 2024. 

Mindset-wise, I viewed my prereqs as my TOP priority after self-care. I gave it my absolute best effort because that's all I could control. Let me make this clear. OWN YOUR LEARNING. Your future you is counting on you.

In practice, this looked something like this for physio as well as the other science prereqs:

1) Day 0: Look at syllabus, input ALL test dates into calendar.

2) BEFORE each lecture, read recommended textbook chapters and if possible, watch prerecorded lectures. In-person lecture would NOT be the first time I'm exposed to material taught that day. You want to use lecture to reinforce previously learned concepts and/or to clarify ones with your instructor that YouTube/other resources perhaps couldn't. 

3) AFTER each lecture, immediately go to a comfortable study space ON CAMPUS and review notes for general understanding, THEN you must start committing that material to memory! Use flashcard programs like Anki (my top choice and that of many MD/DO students) or Quizlet.

DO NOT make the mistake of telling yourself you know something until you can explain it correctly to yourself or another person without any help! 

4) Study ACTIVELY EVERY DAY! For example, quiz yourself or get together with studious classmates and quiz each other. Take ALL practice tests given by your instructor. 

By the time you reach a quiz/exam day, you'll be able to easily recall 90+ % material.  

Good luck and I hope you get the grade you want this next time around. Aim high!

For nursing apps, what state(s) are you interested in applying for? In general, apply to as many as you are qualified for. Increase your chances!

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