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Failed ob and peds


Hello all,

I failed nursing school last year in the summer. My first attempt In nursing school was spring 15' and had to withdrawal because I noticed having a fulltime job at night did not allow me to study and prepare for my exams. I reapplied and got accepted fall 15'. I failed summer 16' due to personal problems and that effected my studying and got kicked out by 2 points.

I currently live in Florida and would like to see if anyone knows any schools that accept students that failed and only look at prereqs. My overall GPA is 2.9. Had two Cs and one D in nursing school which dropped it very low.

From summer and now I've been working and ready to take the cna exam. Looking into schools but I always go back to Keiser university. I would like to have a school with a less tuition.

My mind is scattered, any thoughts and advice is appreciated.