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Failed nursing school couple months before graduating

by littleukno littleukno (New) New

Hello everyone, i am seeking your advice and input. I was recently dismissed from my Nursing program just a couple months from graduating. I failed my clinical when i initially started the program and retook that class. I was back on track until i failed my recent class by 1 point. i became homeless and got a really low score which brought my average down. I am heartbroken. I am now stuck between pleading my case to the vice president to get back in the program or to go to a non-profit school that will put me in serious debt. I really really want to become a nurse. Your support is greatly needed right now. Thanks

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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It sounds like you've been going through some personal struggles that affected your school performance. What is important in both school and professional life is to recognize when we are overwhelmed and cannot do our jobs appropriately. If becoming homeless affected your ability to study because of lack of access to a computer, or transportation, or your emotional health, the time to bring up these issues and ask for help was before the class/test is failed.

Appealing to your current school would be the first step. The Vice President will want to See that you have recognized why you failed, what you could have done differently, and what you will do differently if you are readmitted. Be honest, but don't go in there with a sob story about why you deserve another chance. Everyone has personal struggles at one point or another. Highlight your successes over the course of your education and ask if you may retake the course another semester. If they say yes, that's probably the best case scenario- though it will mean delaying graduation several months to a year. Good luck.

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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Personally, I would fix your personal life first. That's causing you the most stress right now, then see about getting back into school.

I'm also going to say, do not under any circumstances consider a for profit school. You are homeless at this time. That is due to a lack of money, do not compound your problem. What you don't see is not only is it mega expensive, but that many hospitals won't hire nurses from a place like that. So now you will owe this large sum of money, and no job. Also what you will make as a nurse will not be able to truly compensate for the amount of the loan.